Dog Walks

We don’t treat the walks as just a potty break outdoors. While outside, we regularly work on on-leash behavior, basic commands, and good walking manners.

Regular dog walking improves your dog’s health and well-being. Among other things, walking your dog regularly familiarizes them with their surroundings and will increase their comfort and behavior at home.

We’ll come to your home for private, leashed walks in your neighborhood. We’ll also take care of waste pick-up, doggy drying on wet days, and feed and provide fresh water on request.

Dog Walk Pricing
  • 30 Min Walk - $30
  • 1 Hour Walk - $44
  • Add a Dog - $14
Book a Walk!

Walking your dog regularly provides a basic foundation for physical and mental health. Like a child, your dog wants to know the world.  If he or she is confined to the house for too long, your dog will get bored, and boredom can lead to destructive behavior. Your dog is dependent on you to take them out to explore the sights, smells, and sounds of the world. This is why it’s also good to vary the places you take your dog as much as possible. You’ve probably noticed how busy (and excited) your dog gets when he or she is walking, so let them enjoy every opportunity to discover! 

If your home falls within our walk range, we'd love to walk your pup for you!

Check out our dog walking map: