Dog Daycare / Pre-School

At our daycare/pre-school, we prioritize quality and structured play, ensuring your pup benefits from each day. Our approach stands out with enriched activities, breaks, and rest time. In collaboration with dog behavior experts, we've crafted specialized sessions featuring indoor play, naps, snacks, all within small group sizes.

Each day, we dedicate time for personalized 1-on-1 enrichments for every dog, including agility training, nose work, brain exercises, and basic commands like sit, stay, leave it, and more! During breaks, each dog enjoys a private suite for relaxation, meals, water, and a well-deserved rest before more playtime.

To begin, all potential daycare clients need to be current on vaccinations, including Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella, and must have undergone a Negative Fecal exam within the last year. Additionally, each dog is required to pass a temperament test, which is conducted on specific days and times, requiring advance scheduling. The test involves interactions with staff and other daycare/pre-school members to ensure a positive temperament fit.

Reservations for daycare/pre-school are preferred 24 hours in advance. Please ensure your pet is picked up by closing; otherwise, they will stay overnight in one of our standard suites at the owner's expense. We kindly request all cancellations to be made 48 hours in advance.

We Have Playroom Pet Cams!
So you can check in on your pup anytime/anywhere!

Dog Daycare

Research indicates that socialized dogs tend to be healthier, happier, and enjoy longer lives—a desire for all our beloved fur-babies! At our daycare, guests are thoughtfully grouped by size and temperament, enjoying supervised socialization throughout the day under the care of our trained staff. Our expansive nearly 10,000 square foot facility features five climate-controlled indoor rooms, each equipped with five webcams for convenient check-ins on your pup from anywhere, anytime. Additionally, our playrooms boast rubber flooring to prevent sore muscles and joint pains.

Full Day Memberships
  • Bronze (1 day/week) - $40/day
  • Silver (2 days/week) - $38/day
  • Gold (3 days/week) - $36/day
  • Platinum (4 days/week) - $33/day
  • Diamond (5 days/week) - $30/day
  • Family Dogs - 10% off
  • One-Time Membership Initiation Fee - $99
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**Membership Cancellations – All cancellations must be communicated via email.  We require a one month billing notice for all membership cancellation.
  • Hourly Doggy Daycare Rate - $10
  • Half Day - $35
  • 1 Day - $44
  • 5 Day - $41/Day
  • 10 Day - $39/Day
  • 20 Day - $36/Day
  • 10 Half Days - $33/Day
  • Family Dogs - 10% off
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**All packages expire after 90 days
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