Service Policies
  • No Show Policy – As we reach capacity in our dog park and to ensure the best level of service for pet parents and their dogs, we ask that all cancelations be receive 48 hours prior to the day of your reservation.  If we do not receive a cancellation notice, you will forfeit that day on a package or membership.  If you don’t have a package or membership, you will be charged our daily rate for that day.  This will also help us to accept other clients on our waitlist who would like to come.  You may cancel your reservation by email, phone (612-324-PAWS), or by logging on to our online reservation portal.  With us nearing capacity, please remember that our members take priority in our preschool.  If you are not on the schedule with a prior appointment, we may not be able to take your dog in that day.  Please also ensure that you have a ‘confirmed’ appointment prior to dropping off.


  • Report Cards – With the growth of our facility, our staff was having a hard time creating a report card for every single dog, every day.  In an effort to streamline the process and relieve our staff from the enormous amount of work, we will no longer be sending personal report cards each day.  Instead, we have created a Flickr account where we mass upload photos from the day so pet parents can go on and view pictures of not only their dog, but others as well.  Furthermore, we are very active on our Instagram account. Follow us to see daily photos and videos We are looking to offer progress reports in the future, if you are wanting a report of your dog’s day.  This can be an add-on feature to your dog’s preschool or lodging stay.  


  • Packed Food – If your pup eats lunch or dinner with us, please pack food in a Ziploc bags labeled with your dogs name, indicating whether the food is for lunch or dinner.  Please refrain from bringing food in Tupperware, glass or other containers, as with the growth of our facility, Ziploc bags work best for the safety of the dogs and staff.


  • Drop Off/Pick Up – In an effort to streamline preschool drop-off and pickup, we ask that you take your dog’s leash and collar with you.  When dropping off your dog(s), please help assist our staff by having all clothing, boots, and harnesses removed from your dog(s) .  This will make drop off & pick-up time more efficient so we can service you all in a timely manner.


  • Lodging Drop-off and Early Pick-up Policy  – We understand something things change and that’s life.  If you fail to drop off your dog on the requested day of boarding without prior notification, you will be charged for those reserved day(s).  Because of high demand, if you fail to drop your dog off on scheduled/reserved day on a holiday week or weekend, pet parent will be charged for the reservation regardless of prior notification.  If pet parent decides to pick up pet early, pet parent must pay for the scheduled reservation in full.  


  • Curbside Drop-off/Pick-up Procedure – We are initiating curbside drop-off and pick-up of our guests.  To notify us of your arrival, please text the keyword “Here” to our front desk at 62990.   One of our staff members will meet you in our back parking lot to escort your dog into our facility or bring your pet out for pick-up at the end of the day.  Please do not use this service at our front door (2nd Street) as we do not want to disrupt traffic.  This system will only work if you text us from the number you submitted in the ‘Mobile Number’ section of your owner profile. Please make sure your phone number is up to date.  If you are unable to utilize this service, please notify us through email or by phone and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.  We ask that all dogs be ready with no leash, collar or harness on. We will be using our slip leads to bring your dog in and out of our facility.


  • Membership CancellationsAll cancellations must be communicated via email.  Once the notice has been received, the membership will cancel after the following billing cycle.


**Please check back here regularly for updates to our service policies.

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